The original norse spirituality


Forn Siðr was born in the homeland of Norway several thousand years ago. To be true to traditions, Forn Siðr is still based, to this day, in the Kingdom of Norway (registered with the Norwegian government as a religious NGO under number 922 586 918). Forn Siðr is therefore the original and only true ancestral Norse spirituality in the world, shared by actual Norsemen, and based on millennia of oral traditions, cultural immersion, language knowledge, and connection to the land. Forn Siðr is free of foreign and popular influence, revisionism, and is true to its ancestral roots.



Forn Siðr ("Old Customs") is not a religion or faith to us. It is our truth, our ancestors, our culture, our identity, our knowledge, our spirit, our masculinity. Forn Siðr is what makes us men and our own man, taking our own decisions, and taking our own responsibilities. Forn Siðr is a warrior belief system that embraces the fundamental evolutionary traits of males.

We do not pray to the Norse Æsir, Ásynjur, Vanir, Jötnar, Aðrir, Kindir, or Kynja (Old Norse terms do not translate to "gods"), nor do we expect them to tell us what to do or how to behave. They are our ancestors, they are ideals we strive to achieve, they are ourselves, they are us.

A fundamental aspect of Forn Siðr is that it has no dogma. No centralized structure, organization, or power. No one to tell you what to think or believe, how to behave, or how to live your life. As a result, we provide very limited guidance. Instead, we give you actual knowledge, so you can be a wolf among all the Abrahamic (including Asatru and Vanatru) sheep.




We are defined by innate and natural biological traits and characteristics essential to the very survival of our species, and based on hundreds of millions of years of evolution.

Our fair skin has allowed us to thrive in the winter darkness of the north and our exceptional fitness, stoicism, and resilience to settle the harshest environments on earth. We have built western civilization with our genes, blood and sweat.

We celebrate our ancestral primal, tribal and warrior nature, and we foster our óðr through channelled aggression and sexuality outside of modern societal as well as abrahamic constructs. We protect our lands, our resources, our culture, and our own, against all threats.

We embrace equality of opportunity, competition, as well as natural selection, and we welcome as our brothers, through life and beyond, all those men who share our identity and ethos.

We are the sacred essence of life and we perpetuate mankind complemented by women whose essential and primary nurturing role has been defined by nature from times immemorial.