We follow our own traditional and true path, guided by our ancestors, the Æsir and the Vanir. We are defined by our deeds rather than our skin color and sexuality, and we bear no guilt or responsibility for the actions of our ancestors. We recognize the strengths and limitations inherently associated with our biological gender. We stand for our right to bear arms and to protect our beliefs, culture, traditions, and freedoms against all enemies and toxic ideologies.

We are Forn Siðr International.

About Forn Siðr

Forn Siðr (or "Old Customs") is not a religion or faith to us. It is our truth, our ancestors, our culture, our identity, our knowledge, our masculinity, our spirit. Forn Siðr is what makes us men and our own man, taking our own decisions, and taking our own responsibilities. Forn Siðr is a warrior belief system.

We do not pray to the Norse Æsir, Ásynjur, Vanir, Jötnar, Aðrir, Kindir, or Kynja (Old Norse terms do not translate to "gods"), nor do we expect them to tell us what to do or how to behave. They are our ancestors, they are ideals we strive to achieve, they are ourselves, they are us.

A fundamental aspect of Forn Siðr is that it has no dogma. No centralized structure, organization, or power. No one to tell you what to think or believe, how to behave, or how to live your life. As a result, we provide very limited guidance. Instead, we give you actual knowledge, so you can be a wolf among all the Heathen sheep.





Race is irrelevant to us as it does not define a man's worth. However, as various ethnicities display pride in their own racial identity, we are proud of our own heritage, and we will not apologize for our own skin color.


We are tolerant of other ideologies as long as they do not interfere with our own beliefs, culture, traditions, and freedoms. However, as we rejected Christianity many centuries ago, we now also reject other organized religions such as Islam and Asatru for being a threat to our way of life.


We have no issue with homosexuality, bisexuality, or heterosexuality. However, we do not endorse the inherent feminization of males associated with the gay or metrosexual movements.


We favor equal opportunities for both genders based on actual merit and inherent biological limitations and strengths. However, we oppose feminism, its systemic hatred towards men, and the promotion of females based on gender rather than merit.


We strongly oppose gender neutrality and the overall emasculation of men. We however embrace traditional and primal male skills, characteristics and behavior associated with our warrior beliefs and culture.