The Meaning

The term Óðr may mean poetry, mind, or spirit in norrœnt (Old Norse) depending on context. Óðr is also one of the many names of Óðinn.

However, the primary meaning of the word refers to the frenzy, passion, and spiritual as well as ecstatic state associated with sex or battle.  Óðr is indeed the state of mind a warrior, particularly Berserkr or Úlfheðinn, seeks to reach prior, during and after battle, as well as during sex. This physical, mental and spiritual ecstatic state represented by Óðr makes no distinction whether it arises out of sex or battle, thereby blurring the line between sexual orgasm and combat.

The Expression of Óðr

In ancient times, Berserkir and Úlfhéðnar (particularly hybrids) would thrive raiding, raping and killing large numbers of enemies. In modern times, it is much more difficult to reach the levels of violence warriors actually need, even as operators in war zones. The relatively low violence levels (actually still extremely high to modern civilian society standards) therefore has to be offset by sex, as both sex and violence channel energy in a similar way, and both are expressed by Óðr.